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Finding a Christian Financial Planner in Frisco, TX

Christian Financial Planner

When you are looking to work with a Christian Financial Planner, I have found that there are many ways to find people that fit the bill. For starters, presumably you could find such a person going to your church, so that’s always a good place to look. If you don’t have a good fit there or don’t like the idea of seeing your financial planner that regularly, there are a few other options.

Navigating the Challenges of Finding a Faith-Based Financial Advisor in Frisco, TX

There are some directories that allow people to advertise for a fee and be listed as a Christian Financial Planner. Or there is even a designation that financial advisors can list after their name that says they are a Kingdom Advisor. Unfortunately, the only true litmus test of someone’s faith is a letter of recommendation by a pastor.

Tips & Strategies for Getting a Christian Financial Planner

So given the lack of great options, how can you work on finding a Christian Financial Planner that fits your needs? First, talk to your financial advisor that you are interviewing and ask them if they go to church, which one, and find out what they like about it. Many Christian financial planners will often list on their bio if they go to church, so that’s another good place to start.

Next, many people seek out a Christian financial planner because they want to be able to do biblically based investing. Ask your financial advisor if they have any options for you to be able to do that and to help explains the positives and negatives of taking that kind of approach.

Cremé Wealth Team: A Christian Financial Planning Firm Committed to Service and Transparency

As Christian financial planners, we believe in treating our clients from a place of service as Jesus treated those he ministered to. Our financial investing is flexible to support people who want to invest their beliefs, or just have the ability to veto individual companies that they may disagree with their worldview.

At the end of the day, make sure your Christian financial planner understands your needs and desires and can help support you in living out your faith from your investing. At the Cremé Wealth Team, we believe in full transparency and empowering people to make the right decision. Don't settle for a financial advisor who doesn't understand your values; instead, take action right away and schedule a consultation with the Cremé Wealth Team. Bring your beliefs and your finances together for a brighter future.



1. What are the differences between a Christian financial advisor and a secular financial advisor?


Christian financial advisors are responsible for more than just the technical aspects of investing, such as investment selection, asset allocation, and tax strategies. They also provide a biblical perspective on money, how to wisely manage your net worth, and how to ensure that your financial decisions align with your values and priorities.

2.Do Christian financial advisors only work with Christians?

Absolutely not. Affiliation is more about the principles we bring to our business interactions while excluding non-religious people or people of other religions is not a principle that Christian-aligned planners support.

3.Why work with a Christian Financial Advisor?

By teaching and implementing biblical principles of money management, we aid our clients in making sound financial decisions. We hold our clients accountable for their financial choices, ensuring they have serenity and control over all aspects of their finances.


Any opinions are those of the Crème Wealth Team and not necessarily those of Raymond James. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or a loss regardless of strategy selected. No investment strategy, including investing in accordance with Christian principles can guarantee your objectives will be met.

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