Investment Management

Investment philosophy matters. You should feel comfortable with your investment advisor in what investments they are putting you in, and not just comfortable with the risk and returns. Because of this, we like to be upfront with our clients about our process and encourage questions. As a brief overview, our core beliefs about investments include:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race


What investing has taught us time and time again, is that if you stay invested during the ups and downs, and stay consistent with your contributions, you can build up and pass down significant wealth. Equally important, is that you can also have an understanding of what you own, how much risk is in it, and not worry about every news headline that breaks. We want you to be comfortable with every part of your strategy.


Be Diversified, But Adjust       


We believe that you should be invested in a well-diversified basket of funds. We also believe that active investing is more advantageous than passive investing. That doesn’t mean by any means that you should not buy index funds, but we believe that even index funds ideally should be actively managed over a variety of indices. As we like to say, all investment vehicles are being driven - whether you are driving it, an investment manager is, or the masses.  


Transparency Matters


When people think about transparent investing, they immediately think of fees. We believe in being fee-based as opposed to commission-based so that you can see on your accounts exactly what you are paying your advisory team. In addition to this, we believe in the portfolios being transparent (even to the point of holding individual stocks), and conflicts of interest to always be disclosed. We seek to avoid conflicts of interest so that our clients can know that we have their best interests at heart. 


Invest in Your Beliefs        


We believe that your legacy is not only found in what memories and things you left for your loved ones, but also in the things you purchased. Some more transparent investments allow clients to exclude the things in life they wouldn’t care to purchase - such as tobacco, alcohol, adult entertainment, or single out individual companies. Returns and risk mitigation is important, but so is supporting the companies that don’t contradict your beliefs.