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Andrew Cremé, MBA, AIF®, CFP®


I am wildly passionate about stories. Not just any stories, but the stories of families who built wealth and what it took to get there. Some families achieved wealth slowly, some families achieved wealth quickly, while others are continuing to work on building wealth today.


My story begins in Connecticut in the country town of Woodstock. The youngest child of four, I grew up seeing my parents run my dad’s medical practice. Because of this, from an early age I understood the benefits of saving, giving, and spending. Intimately witnessing how a business worked inspired me to get my undergraduate degree in sociology and economics as well as to continue on to get my Master’s in Business Administration with concentrations in finance, marketing, and management.


Before coming to work at SageSpring Wealth Partners, I started and ran a small business consulting firm that specialized in the healthcare industry for 10 years. Prior to that, I worked in hospital administration and even in an inpatient psychiatric rehab center briefly. Later in my career in 2016, I took the opportunity to author a book called Enough Dreaming* as a way to give back to entrepreneurs and inspire others to start their businesses while running my own. Later on, my wife and I co-authored the book Abounding Legacy*. During these times, I accumulated quite a few stories of my own.


Today, I live in McKinney with my wife, Janelle and my daughter, Gianna. Together, we are active in our church, enjoy spending time with family, and treasure quiet conversations. I look forward to sharing in your story.

*Raymond James is not affiliated with any of the listed publications. Opinions expressed are those of author and not of Raymond James. 




Vizslas are bred to be hunting guides to help you achieve your goals, just like how we help our clients.

favorite restaurants:

Haywire, Maple Leaf Diner

One offers great service while the other is a fantastic value for the food. Both things we emulate.

favorite authors:

Simon Sinek, Seth Skorkowsky

Simon is a great teacher while Seth offers an opportunity to dream about what could be.

favorite date night:

Zin Zen Wine Bistro

Offers a unique and personalized experience that we strive to provide as well.

best pizza in Frisco:

Cane Rosso

Made with authentic ingredients yet cooked in 90 seconds with their efficient process.

favorite gun range:

Frisco Gun Club

Frisco, TX

Because exclusive doesn't mean better. We believe in value.

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