Business Finance Consulting

Business Consulting

Business consulting can mean different things to different business owners depending on the stage of the business.  At the Cremé Wealth Team, we approach you and your business as a unique opportunity for us to maximize the value we provide, no matter what state you are in. By putting together a team approach, we are often able to make meaningful contributions to your long-term plans.

Early-Stage Business

Many early-stage businesses are formed out of either necessity or desire. If you recently lost a job or just became disenfranchised with the idea of having a boss, you can often start your own operation, but it can be a hard path. More than anything, you need a solid offering and a well thought of marketing pipeline. If you started out of desire; however, you more than likely have a solid foundation and your primary need is capacity.

Early-Stage Mature Business

When you start a business and have an issue of capacity and time management, we can begin to provide more value. Beginning to involve other professionals in your business such as accountants, business attorneys, and consultants will be critical in freeing you up to continue to grow the business and not getting bogged down in the operational minutia. 


Mid-Stage Business

Once your business has been through a few sales cycles and has kept its momentum moving forward, you are officially in the mid-stage. Many business owners need to focus on employing and training individuals to start to take the duties off of their shoulders as well as off the shoulders of some outside service providers. This is also where early-stage partnerships are frequently formed as business owners see synergies between other similar businesses. 

Late-Stage Business

Late-stage businesses have typically been around for at least 10 years and have frequently dropped below a 10% growth rate each year. There are bigger opportunities that can come the way of a late-stage business like structured buyouts, outside equity investors, and succession planning. Some of the greatest value that we provide our clients with is working with them in transitioning from being in the business full time because it needs them, to transitioning being in the business full time because they want to.