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Legacy Planning Services in Frisco, TX

We believe that everyone will eventually leave a legacy. Some people leave legacies that they want, while other people leave legacies that they didn't want. Some legacies are in the memories of what was done or instilled in others, while other legacies are more tangible through the passing down of trusts, college saving accounts, a business or the family vacation home. When it comes to legacy financial planning, we help clients see their assets in three categories.

3 buckets, one is green for tax free, one is purple for taxable and one is red for tax delayed.

As legacy planning advisors, our process involves:

  • Customized legacy plan with beneficiary objectives

  • Asset location optimization

  • Estate taxation minimization

  • Estate planning integration designed for family wealth

Whether you are looking to retire in the next 5 years, or have already retired, your legacy financial planning should involve beneficiary goals with tax minimization strategies. We utilize software to as well as working with other professionals to map out a long-term plan that helps you meet your goals. 

Do you want to know more about your legacy planning opportunities?


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