legacy planning

We believe that everyone will eventually leave a legacy. Some people leave legacies that they want, while other people leave legacies that they didn't want. Some legacies are in the memories of what was done or instilled in others, while other legacies are more tangible through the passing down of trusts, college saving accounts, a business or the family vacation home. 

Live Your Life to Leave a Legacy

It's not only the dynasty families who are able to leave a legacy but many other people whom you've never heard off. The father who left a legacy of always being at his children's events and performances; the mother who worked tirelessly to provide for her kids to go to school; the grandparents who came over every week to read books and play games with their grandparents. Those are all legacies that will be passed down and remembered. 


The Cremé Wealth Team at Southwestern Investment Group wants you to live the best life you can to leave a legacy and is here to help you plan along the way. Sometimes that planning can involve talking about how to invest certain accounts differently because they are the ones being intended for future generations. Other times, that involves discussing making plans to spend more money on making memories with the family and having birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, or a family reunion. However we can help, we want for you to leave a legacy, and to leave a legacy that you desire.