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Retirement can be daunting. There are many questions people have as they approach the end of their working years: Will I have enough money?

When should I take social security? 

How do I minimize the amount I give the government? 

Will we be able to live the kind of life we want? 

What happens to my spouse if something were to happen?

These are all natural questions and we work with clients to not only answer them but to provide confidence.

Goals-Based Retirement Planning

Many retirement plans provide clients with a number and that is it. That is fine while you are younger, but as you approach that time, we feel it is better to have a goals-based retirement plan that not only gives you a number but specifically earmarks future cash flow towards the goals you have in retirement. If you get a new car, travel, upgrade homes or move, want to plan anniversary parties or family reunions - let's plan for that! 

Widow and Widower Planning

No one wants to think about losing a loved one, but we also want to make sure they are taken care of in that event. We will walk with you and your spouse on different situational examples to make sure we have all aspects of life planned for, and you can know they are in good hands. 

Social Security and Pension Planning

It is common that people assume when they retire they would turn on all streams of income from social security and any available pension. That is often a mistake! We can perform an analysis ​that gives different options for you in the future and actually rates them all with a probability of success. We want you to be successful!

Life Stage Planning

We always say that life and retirement both happen in stages. The first stage involves being more active and getting out. This is when people often take trips, make meaningful changes to their living situation, and make major purchases. The second stage is when things calm down and you have more enjoyment just living in your community and being around family and doing things. The third stage is when health events tend to crop up and you may be experiencing major life-changing events. We want to help you plan through all those stages.