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Retirement Planning Financial Advisor

Working with a retirement planning financial advisor can be different than working with many other financial advisors. Just how different depends on the specific situations, but the three ways that we tend to look at things differently than others can be our view of investments, how we are compensated, and approaching retirement as the stages you go through rather than a constant.



A retirement planning financial advisor helps clients with investments, but it isn’t the only thing that we do. Investments are important and we need to look at things like risk, how long to expect to need money, income sources, taxability of income, investment growth, and many other things. But these things are all a means to and end and not a means in itself. Sometimes we encounter people who want to build a portfolio that can feasibly allow them to withdraw 4% each year based on dividend income, but the problem is that life changes and bonds may be called, interest rates change, and companies cut dividends, and suddenly the game plan no longer works.




It is my opinion that, ideally, a retirement planning financial advisor should have skin in the game when it comes to planning. If you pay your advisor a flat fee, will they be as emphatic as they should be in telling you how likely you will be running out of money? Or if you pay a commission for a product sale, do you have any ability to change things in the future when life happens? In my opinion, having your financial advisor incentivized to grow your wealth, you will have a greater chance of it continuing to last over time.




A retirement planning financial advisor understands how retirement happens in 3 stages and will walk you through the differences and how we help clients plan for the various levels of cash flow needed in each stage based on their individual needs. They also understand the desire to have a fluid continuation of planning from one spouse to the other when clients become older. Because of this, we work hard in meeting not only the needs of the analytical, money relating spouse, but the free spirit in the relationship.


At the end of the day, make sure your retirement planning financial advisor understands your needs and can relate to the full scope of retirement and help you throughout all those stages. At the Cremé Wealth Team we believe in full transparency and empowering people to make the right decision. Please reach out and continue to explore our website to learn about our background and how we help clients to enjoy their retirement while extending their legacy.

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