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What is a Divorce Financial Planner?

Divorce Financial Planner

Divorce can be a hard and challenging time for anyone. As a divorce financial planner, we work with our clients during three key stages of the divorce process: 1st in assisting in the organization of assets and working with attorneys in giving tax and projection assessments, 2nd in working with the divorcee in setting up a financial plan that works for them in this new reality, and 3rd in helping to protect the estate in the future and to take care of children regarding of future relationships that may materialize.

Stage 1: Organize

The first stage in divorce financial planning is to organize the household assets and figure out how much is out there. The main types of accounts would be looking at bank accounts, investments accounts, IRAs, 401ks, and real estate. The more difficult things to factor in will be closely held business interests (meaning ownership in a business that isn’t publicly traded), and stock options that are not technically owned or vested. The next step is to determine how both parties will get income in the future depending of if they are both employed, or one employed, and what education or skills may be involved. By putting this together, we help clients to create a plan that is feasible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Stage 2: Plan

Once court proceedings are finalized, a divorce financial planner next begins to look at the assets and income afforded to their client and starts putting together a plan for not only retirement, but also the next few years of transition. It is common to find that a divorcee may need to transition into a new career, so figuring out current cash flow is as much a concern as long-term retirement needs. By taking assets, employment income, alimony, and child support payments all into consideration, we are able to show a path forward in rebuilding.

Stage 3: Help Protect

The final stage in divorce financial planning is to structure the investments in a way that will continue to help protect your interests and the interests of your family. It is not uncommon that remarriage is a part of a divorcee’s future, and if that happens it is possible that “your” money can instantly become “both of your” money. When working with a divorce financial planner, we will have those conversation and offer suggestions on how to start new relationships while still helping to protect you and your children.

At the end of the day, make sure your divorce financial planner is a good fit for your situation and someone that can walk with you in your transition to the next stage of life. At the Cremé Wealth Team we believe in full transparency and empowering people to make the right decision. Please reach out and continue to explore our website to learn about our process and how we continue to work with family to help them realize their goals.

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