In 2016 Andrew took the opportunity to author a book titled, Enough Dreaming, Business Ownership Is Yours for the Taking* after having consulted with over 150 business owners in helping them grow, start, or optimize their operations. This is a primary driver in his passion for working with business owners today in maximizing and transitioning their companies and figuring out what the next stage of life can be as well as should be. 

Many business owners have complicated decisions to figure out:

1) How do I integrate my personal financial planning into my business financial planning?

2) Can I position my business to propel me into the next stage?

3) How do I transition my business to my family, employees, or another buyer?

4) Is it possible to pre-fund my future buyout?

5) How do I maximize efficiency and growth in my business?

Because of Andrew's diverse background of not only of owning a business, running a business, transitioning a business, and consulting with many business owners on how to run their business, it provides a more complete perspective than some other financial planners in the industry. 

* Raymond James is not affiliated with any of the listed publications. Opinions expressed are those of author and not of Raymond James.